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Hi, I'm Sophie, 21 years old, currently residing in Thessaloniki, Greece and I am also the author of fashionwrittenwithalipstick.blogspot.com

I'm studying journalism and I'm eager to do my postgraduate on fashion journalism. In the future I would love to be able to claim that I'm in the same realm as Ms Wintour or Ms Roitfeld and generally be able to experience working in a fashion magazine. That would be my life goal, my ultimate dream :)
This blog is my way out of my hectic, everyday life and I genuinely enjoy composing every single post that I make.
I love fashion and beauty and have an unhealthy appetite for cosmetics. Anything classy, cute and girly with a bit of a french twist will instantly catch my eye.

I started using blogger in late 2007 after I had seen lots of people's blogs each of which had different aspects and topics. Initially it was an all around randomness blog, consisting of posts about every day life, thoughts, wish lists and such.
During the early months of 2009 I finally decided to make it a beauty and fashion blog focusing more on the foregoing subjects. And it was then, when my love for blogging blossomed. I was more eager to make posts, more eager to express my thoughts and share them with the world.
I have learned so much *and am still learning more* from the blogging community and am willing to develop my blog as much as I can, and will do anything to please my readers :)

I've come to conjecture that fashion and beauty go together. Wear no make up and have messy, greasy hair and you can ruin the harmony of a good outfit's fitting and wear tracksuits or kitsch/torn up clothes and you can make a full face make up look ridiculous.
All in all, on my blog I talk about fashion and beauty but sometimes you could also catch me talking/rambling about random things such as food, travelling and life in general.

Personal Disclaimer:
All products and pictures on my blog are purchased by me unless stated other wise. I would never want to lose the credibility that my readers give me and would NEITHER want to do something that I, myself despise reading; making counterfeit and incredulous blogposts.
As of April 2013, all products sent to me, will be marked with an *.

To come to a closure my blog is a place where I virtually keep track of my thoughts. Come and check yourself, the inside of a young woman's dream world :)

Thank you,
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