Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My "everyday face" routine.

So this is basically what i put on my face pretty much every day.

Firstly, i moisturise my face currently with Johnson's 24h moisture cream. Then i apply MAC's moisturelush eye cream in my eye area.
Hint: What i do is, i put the eye cream in the fridge so when i use it in the morning and evening it's cool and literally feels refreshing.
I wait a little bit, up to 3 or 4 minutes for them to dry and then proceed to the next step which is foundation.

I use Studio fix fluid pretty much all year round. I love this foundation, covers really well and i even like its scent. After that i apply my concealer on my problem areas. I'm currently using MAC's studio sculpt and i'm quite pleased with that. But, i'm also willing to try MUFE's full cover. Lastly, i want to state that i apply these with my fingers. I am a big supporter of applying foundation with your fingers because you can really build it up and also it melts to your body temperature,thus, it blends much better and easier.

Next step is my powder and bronzer. I use MAC studio fix plus as it's seriously one of the best powders out there, and the coverage is perfect. Then i use my MAC bronzing powder. To be frank with you, i haven't really used that many bronzers in my life to simply have a favourite or have a better opinion on MAC's bronzer. But i have to say even though i haven't heard any (good) reviews about this product, i really like it. It's got a little bit of shimmer but it's so subtle you cannot even notice that. And it's not muddy looking whatsoever.

Basically, these are my 'standard' eye shadows. They are the ones that i pretty much always reach for, for an everyday make up look. I just make different combinations with them depending on the look that i want to create.
Top:Sable, Concrete
Bottom: All That Glitters, Woodwinked
Side: Nylon(inner corner, eyebrow highlighter)

Next step is blush and mascara.
I put loads of coats of mascara, as i love mascara and i think it's the best product to intensify your eyes. I use Lancome Hypnose Mascara, my all time favourite mascara, by it's own or if i want extra intensity i first apply L'Oreal Telescopic for length and on top of that Lancome Hypnose for intensity. Then i apply blush. there's not one blush that i'll be using every day, my taste changes quite often so i'm showing you four of the blushes that i mostly use for a day look.
In the picture,
Top: Well Dressed, Dame, Dolly Mix
bottom: Style, Gingerly, Loverush
I mostly use well dressed, dame style and gingerly. Of course there are other like coy girl springsheen and daft pink.

To do all this, i use only two brushes, the 129 and the 252. I use the 129 brush for powder, bronzer and blush and it really does well.
I use the 252 to apply eye shadow and sometimes i'll use a blending brush.

Last, but not least ,lipstick. There isn't just one lipstick that i like and use everyday so i took a picture of the lipsticks that i use most of the time.
Left to right: Speed Dial, Angel, Snob, Modesty, Freckletone.

So what is your make up routine, i'd like to know. Everybody's welcome to reply



  1. what a great post, I love all your pretty mac products, especially your eyeshadows and foundation!! is Studio Fix Fluid suitable for normal/dry skin? what finish does it give you?

  2. @denise hey thanks! i have normal/dry skin myself and i find that mac's SFF suits me well and gives me a matte finish :) xx