Saturday, 1 August 2009

Product Review: MAC skin salve from the 'Naked Honey' collection.

Ok, so the past couple of weeks I've been using mac's NH skin salve. And i have to tell you i actually adore this product!
Even though the whole collection could be categorized as passable, considering that I'm not too fond of the scent of honey this much, the only product i was really curious about was the skin salve. And to be honest, just like Vaseline, i love the idea of having a multi-purpose product. So, I'm going to list ways of how i use the skin salve.

  • Lips: My lips are seriously very dry especially during the summer or during some very cold days in the winter. This product, not only hydrates your lips but it also makes them very soft.
  • Feet: For the past 2 years I've been suffering from having very dry skin on my heel bases. No matter how many pedis I've done to make them smoother it never lasted more than three or four days. So after two weeks of using the salve i can safely say that the result is a-bloody-mazing. I apply it day and night. Not only my heel bases got smoother but the whole sole has got hydrated. I can now wear sandals without any guilt! And i am very very happy!!!
  • Dry Parts: I have combination skin but some parts of my body(and face) need to be deeply hydrated. For instance the skin salve does wonders to my elbows which happen to be quite dry most of the time. I use it day by day and the result is noticeable. Use it anywhere on your skin, and it will leave you very pleased.
  • Cuticles: I apply it on my cuticles twice a week and generally round the nails where the skin can sometimes become quite hard. It softens and is quite an ideal product for me.

Generally, when i first purchased this i thought it might be a little greasy and sticky on the skin, but it is neither of these and it sinks into the skin effortlessly, leaving it very soft.

I highly recommend this product to everyone but hurry because it sells out quickly!
I'm definetely getting a back up of this on Monday!




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