Monday, 17 August 2009

Review Time: Liposan Lip Balm, Too Faced Lip Balm, Anastacia after tweezing cream

Hello guys!!!
I just wanted to tell you that tomorrow i'm going to Leptokaria which is a beautiful place in the Northern Greece. The beach is amazing and i basically love it everytime i go there. I'm gonna be with my best friend which makes it even more exciting!!
On another note i really want to apologize for not updating since last Wednesday, but i've just been enjoying my holidays, school starts in a couple of weeks and i can't do otherwise but to have fun till the very last minute.

I've talked about this in my videos but i'm going to say that once again. I love it. It's like the best lip balm out there, colour wise. At first it seemed to me that it was an absolute life saver when it came to my dry lips. After using it for about a month, i can now safely say that this product apart from the beautiful smell and the gorgeous colour, it does pretty much nothing to my lips. When i put this on, it stays for quite a long time but after 5 minutes my lips are getting dry and sometimes chipped again.
Overall, i would recommend this to anyone who likes, juicy, summery, beautiful looking lips. But it's definitely a no no to anyone who wants to purchase something that works for their dry lips.

I LOVE this. The past couple of weeks, i've been wearing it almost every day. And what i noticed is when that it says sos lip balm it means sos lip balm. It tastes like most lip treatments do, and its white. This week, there was a lot of humidity, was very hot and it rained a lot. Too much for my lips to handle. I was in pain until i grabbed the lip balm and put it on my lips. The results are instant. After 2 or 3 minutes i felt such a relief and my previously dry and chipped lips were all smooth and in no pain. I now religiously use this as a night treatment, and i'm loving the results. I wake up with smooth, soft, ready-to-kiss lips.If you do not recognize the brand it's actually the exact same product(same ingredients, same company etc)as nivea's lip balm.Liposan basically belongs to Nivea.

I haven't used this as much as i have with the previous products but i thought i should make a review about it. The ladies at sephora recommended this a couple of months ago and being an impulsive shopper like me i picked that too. But i have to say it didn't really stood out. It's got green colour and it's supposed to cover the redness on your face. To me it looked quite sheer. I didn't really liked it. There isn't one good thing to say about this product. It green, it smells very bad and it does nothing. I will definitely be not repurchasing this in the future.

So i hope you have a very good week, and ill talk to you guys as soon as i'm back from my holidays!



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