Monday, 28 September 2009

Dove Summer Glow Tanning Lotion, a Review

I wanted to do a review on this product a long time ago but never got round to doing it. And i have to say i seriously should as it's definitely one of my favourite products out there.
It is basically a lotion with subtle self tanner that makes you gradually build up a nice fake tan that is not orangey whatsoever.
I have fair skin that is very sensitive and especially during the summer, going out and sunbathing is not the best option as i get burnt quite easily. And this came at the right time and can be described as a life saver.
There are only good things to be said about Dove's Summer Glow:

  • It doesn't stink like the usual self tanners do. There may be a hint of self tanner smell but overall it smells okay.

  • You get a gradual, non orangey tan.

  • You can build it up according to your liking(some people use the medium/dark one to have more obvious results)

  • Apart from the tan, it gives you a really nice glow.

  • It doesn't fade out quickly and when it does, there are no steaks

  • It is also a moisturising cream that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised.

  • All in all, i think this product is just LOVE.
    I am actually thinking of using it during the winter, as it makes me look beautifully tanned and healthy with a nice glow.

    To end this, i really think that everyone should try it as im sure it'll give you the best of results.


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    1. I use Dove Summer Glow about 3 times a week just to get a nice glow rather than a full on tan. I love this product and you can alwasy rely on it, great review x