Tuesday, 4 May 2010

2010 Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala Favourites

Hello guys, this is going to be a post on my favourites from last night's MET Ball.

To be honest this year's gala wasn't as crazy as it was last year, fashion wise.
Most of the attendees played it safe, others bold and others plain boring.
Here's my favourite ones!

Emma Watson, in Burberry: Wins first place as it's the only dress that actually screamed "wow" to me and she made it look classy rather than trashy never mind the huge slit.

Jennifer Lopez, in Zuhair Murad: Have never really been a Jennifer Lopez fan as far as fashion goes but i have to admit, last night she rocked it in this beautiful Cinderella-like gown. Props to her!

Naomi Watts, in Stella McCartney: Always ethereal, Naomi Watts graced this beautiful hot pink gown and looked as feminine as ever! Ι also love the contrast the red lipstick she's wearing makes with her pink dress! Stunner!

Kate Bosworth, in Valentino
: Last but not least, the lovely Kate.Old Hollywood, there's nothing 'more' American than that! It is truly amazing how one person can make a somewhat plain/boring collection look interesting :)

So this is it i hope you guys enjoyed reading this. What were your favourites? Let me know!!!



  1. I love Emma Watson's dress!:D Sexy and classy at the same time!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Oh, loved Emma Watson's outfit as well!!!
    I also loved Rachel Weisz, Zoe Saldana and Sienna Miller (killer shoes)!
    Oh, and the bold and daring Gisele!

    Absolute worst: KStew and Katy Perry!! Oh the horror! Lol!