Thursday, 11 November 2010

Emma Watson, is that a Hit or Miss?

Hello my beautiful readers,
So yesterday it was the Warner Bros. Leavesden Studio Renovation photocall and quite a few Harry Potter peeps turned out including Emma Watson. To be honest i'm making this post to express how appalled i felt when seeing pictures of this look in contrast to what other fashion blogs/and not wrote and generally media's admiration towards Emma for the event. I'm aware that everybody's entitled to their own opinion, but just plain and BLIND admiration is upseting me.

The make up:

I'm going to start stating that i am a big Emma Watson fan and this is a post nowhere near to bash her but to write a review expressing my opinion on her last night's appereance. So first comes make up as this is what i noticed first and i'm going to say that the moment i first saw this, despite being different, i immediately hated it. Thankfully now it has grown on me but there are still a few flaws here and there that make this look a bit 'off'.

Firstly, the eyeshadow/eyeliner combo works great on her as her almond shaped eyes would probably suit any kind of eye make up. The only let down is the mascara. Mind you, i am a big fan of mascara, the biggest if possible, i'm always about making your eyes pop with mascara and define them with loads of it but i absolutely loathe seeing spider lashes. And in this case, i dislike seeing Emma's obviously artificial, spider lower lashes. There's too much mascara going on there. Unnecessary.
Another thing that put me off was her eyebrows. I usually love her full but groomed and well-shaped eyebrows. But what is this? Playing with your brow pencil much? It reminds me of her eyebrows from the CoS era. And my question is, WHY alter her eyebrow shape when it already is lovely? So that's a no.

But the biggest no-no was the lipstick, and not so much about the colour, but the shape? It looks ridiculous how they went overboard with her upper lip line. It looks clownish. The colour itself is ok, if it was applied in a normal way or any way that wouldn't make her look like a clown then it'd look lovely. Besides, anything ending with -berry is on trend this season.

Additionally, with such a gothic look, i'd prefer to give it some life, some colour to her cheeks, it appears to be none.

Furthermore one of my biggest pet peeves, lighter foundation??? Actually, when i first saw pictures i immediately thought of this but now seeing them again and also pictures without flash, i reckon it's the light reflectives or SPF in the foundation. Tell me, how could ANY make up artist apply a light-reflective, SPF, foundation to a celebrity for an event? How?

Overall, on the make up department she did ok, not bad, not good, average.


The clothes:

Now, what IS that? I have no idea where to start. First, i'm sure you can all sense a '90s feel with the velvety dress by Vionnet. Well i guess the dress itself is alright. I actually kind of like it, never mind the fabric, which i have to say, i HATE velvet. Seeing this on the whole it seems to me like a pile of stuff worn together, to be honest creating the impression that she tried TOO hard to be stylish/edgy that it just resulted in a not so beautiful, mismatched outfit. I'm not saying it's ugly, just mismatched. I like all of the pieces seperately, with my favourites being the ever so gorgeous Erickson Beamon earrings and the Christian Louboutin Ron Ron pumps but they just don't go well together.

On an overview, i could swear that this outfit, minus the completely random plastic or glass blue cuff and that long necklace by the same designer, but rather matched with a similar type bracelet/cuff in BLACK and without any necklace would be a pretty good look for Ms Watson.

Overall, this is not the best look for her, she can do SO much better, she's beautiful with a great body, she needs to embrace her own beauty rather than hide it in piles of make up. I don't often say this for Ms Watson but i'm afraid that this time around the clothes wore her. So that's a Miss for me.

On a side note, i'm not going to comment on her hair, yes the pixie cut's growing on me, it looks cute but I STILL prefer her longer hair, it suits her more.

Both images are courtesy of Sassy!

So I would give this look a C+ and the plus goes to her make up.

What do you guys think of her appereance? Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Comment and tell me! I do appreciate it.



  1. was incredibly disappointed by this outfit and make up too, not a fan!! x

  2. i am too disappointed with this outfit! And to be honest the whole look makes her look so old!!! x

  3. @ Georgie and Sophie

    I couldn't agree more with you girls!


  4. Too harsh of an outfit and makeup...

    ***** Marie *****

  5. i adore the makeup but the outfit is too old!
    love your blog!
    be sure to stop by mine :)

  6. Well, I thought her makeup was very beautiful.. But she could have done better with the dress. So I guess it's safe to say this look is a miss! xx

  7. Hehe, I immediately cringed at this photo when I first saw it!
    The dress was bad and the makeup was aging her-and not in a good way!
    Not her finest hour (or her stylist's/mua's) that's for sure!!


  8. i normally love major transformations but this one is a miss. i hate the short hair/long earrings combo. they have made her look like a 30year old.

  9. @Jazzsquared and Macksquared thank you :)

    @topcoat oh yes, definitely a miss!

    @tina_mbc dunno what to say other than i had the same reaction with you xD xx

    @yes also the lip line fuller eyebrows didn't help much :)