Wednesday, 8 December 2010

ok ok, you say obsession, i say...

Hello beautiful girlies!

It's true that i've certainly been obsessing over a few things this past month or so, and it's not just make up, skin care, or clothes (which will be featured in a November/December favourites post pretty soon). There are some blogs out there that got me sucked in for good, so here goes the list.

1)Gala Darling goes first as i've been obsessed about reading her weekly carousels, life inspiration posts and more :) Favourite post of the moment : the filofax love affair

2)Second place goes to a style and beauty blog called Be in Style. It's a nice and very informative blog that i'm sure most of you will find helpful :) Favourite post of the moment :Cute fall accesories. Seriously been dying over those rings :)

3)Collegefashion couldn't NOT be in the list! I've been checking this every single day.( Twice i quite ashamelesly say) Favourite post of the moment: Top 5 reasons to Love Lush

4)Life full of fashion is another blog that i discovered recently. Elena sure is beautiful. Favourite post: Atelier Loukia

5)B.Jones Style had to be in the list as well. I think she's beautiful and dresses elegantly. Favourite post of the moment:Preppy Fur.

6)All the Vanity is another one! I think Tina is beautiful, has gorgeous eyes and i like her loads! ;) Favourite post of the moment :NYX tutorial

7)And last but not least, i've been checking LLYMLRS on a daily basis. This girl is such an inspiration. Favourite post :Wednesday Adams

So that is all. It's not much but all of these blogs have got plenty of content to go through!

I hope you're all doing ok!



  1. Thx for the info! Gala Darling's blog is gorgeous ;)

  2. @cbsg5861 Glad you like it! I've been reading her blog for a good 3 years i think :) xx

  3. You're such a sweetheart!
    Thank you for your kind words and the shout-out!!! <333rutha

    Also, great recommendations, just added B Jones! ;)


  4. Geia sou! just discovered your blog, I really love it! Became a follower... I will be happy to see you stop by my blog....Filakia

  5. @tina no problem honey and thanks :)

    @L.M thank you :) will check you out

    @Madalena thanks!

  6. axaxaxaxa...couldn't agree more!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, went and checked these out and got some lovely new reads!


    come follow me, hopefully one day I'll make your list;