Friday, 21 January 2011

Please read that

Ok so i just really want to apologize i know i promised to do a few more posts but there's something going on with my internet connection at the moment and i don't have internet on my pc whatsoever. I finally managed to find some time on my dad's laptop but the thing is that here i don't have any pictures nor Evernote(where i keep my blogposts and stuff).

On top of that, because there's something wrong with the connection, the internet on this laptop is extremely slow as well so it's pretty much impossible to make a post with 4 or 5 pictures in it as it will take forever.

I'm hoping next week i'll have this settled, and will post some lovely posts for you all that are paitiently waiting on Evernote to be published. In the meantime, i just hope that you're all doing great :)



  1. Take your time, will be waiting!:D

    Happy Friday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. OMG i love your blog and follow you now. Mybe you follow me bag? Lots of Love <3

  3. Echt nice Blog =) gefällt mir sehr♥ Kannst ja mal bei meinem reinschauen

  4. Your blog is beautiful!

  5. Hope you get up and running again soon hun.
    Lovely blog.

  6. hope you sort out the connection x

  7. Thank toy everyone who commented on this post and has waited patiently. I'm overwhelmed :) xx