Monday, 28 February 2011

nivea volume nanodefinition mascara review

Hello pretty girlies!

So, in my last post i told you about Nivea's new mascara, the volume nanodefinition, that i recently got as a freebie with nivea's make up wipes. When i first saw it, i thought "sure, another mascara that is probably not good enough and is being advertised so people get to check it out".Wrong.

What they say :
(sorry if translation is a bit off i just couldn't find the make up section in either the american, english nor canadian site and i was too lazy to translate directly by myself ;P)

Nivea's new mascara, the Volume Nanodefinition offers 300% more volume, while covering and seperating the lashes perfectly until the last! The secret lies in its unique brush, achievement of nanotechnology: the extremely fine fibers are formed in a cross shape to provide full coverage from root to tip even the smallest lashes, and volume due to the composition of the mascara.

At the same time, each lash is "provided" with natural wax for enhanced strength, durability and lasting effect. So, the Volume Nanodefinition puts an end to smudges and glued eyelashes. "

What i say:

When i first tried it i though it was a pretty good everyday mascara, didn't smudge or clump much and was relatively volumizing and lasted well. Now, after using it a few times my verdict is that at 13E this is a pretty good mascara. It's certainly not the best but certainly not the worst. To make a better statement it's a mediocre mascara that can be effective for an everyday look, not too wet or too dry, not too clumpy, not too smudgey.
Nivea's claim of volumizing the lashes up to 300% is blatantly false as there are other high street mascaras that do a much better job. The only thing that i noticed is that it slightly volumises my lashes while it doesn't lengthen them whatsoever.

Now on to the pictures :

(obviously)wearing no mascara
one coat
two coats

So you can pretty much see the effect it gives, it gets a bit clumpy on the second coat but i'd say that's just me and my lazyness as well as the fact that i was a bit clumsy at the time.

Overall, i'd say it's a nice 12E mascara that i enjoy using during the day, but i would opt for something more dramatic and effective during the night. It's not bad, it's just not A-MAZING and does no wonders. I would unlikely repurchase this once i throw it away for the pure fact that there are other highstreet mascaras out there in the same price range that do a better job.(BUT. and i just couldn't NOT say this, it is by no means NEAR mac mascaras which i would not repurchase even if it was the only brand being sold globally :hint to mac)




  1. we don't get nivea make up in the UK (probably why you couldn't find it on the websites) so its always exciting to see a review on it! xx

  2. @Sophie oh thanks for your comment i didn't know that you don't get nivea in the uk but i thought so after searching on their website :) xx

  3. Thanks for the review.
    I went looking for this yesterday, but couldn't find it at HC. Perhaps I'll have some better luck at the supermarket...?
    I need makeup wipes, so this would be
    even better!!!


  4. @Tina thanks honey!
    i think i got mine at the supermarket, i reckon you'd find it there :) xx

  5. That's funny, I bought a Nivea cleansing milk for my mum and it had glued on this mascara as a freebie, it's actually quite nice...

    I was thinking, the Nivea range has this 50% sale thing going on for like 2 months now... And they're giving away full-sized products... Are they going to discontinue their Nivea make-up line?

  6. @cbsg5861 It's nice that you like the mascara and as far as their make up line goes, they've been selling it for years and years, why discontinue it now? i don't know..not sure ;) xx

  7. this isn't available in the uk, I'd like to try nivea make-up

  8. I just lost that offer!!Damn and it looks like it does a great job!!Gives Volume though a little bit clumpy!But it looks pretty on eyes!!
    Thanks for the review doll!!!

  9. Looks quite good
    x fashionnerdic

  10. Whaaaat?? Nivea makes mascaras?? It looks gorgeous on you!

  11. @D oh that's too bad 'cause that's a lovely mascara :( xx

    @Blushing gloves Thanks honey! too bad about losing the offer. have you tried looking at it in other nivea products there might be some left. xx

    @Nerdic thanks xx

    @Maddalena Thanks! xx

    @GABY thanks for the compliment doll! i know i'm quite shocked nivea do not sell their make up line in the uk! xx