Saturday, 17 December 2011

GARNIER BB Cream review


I was kindly sent by Garnier* their new BB cream which came out in Greece a couple of weeks ago and will only be available through December in Hondos Center.
I have to say I've been hearing a lot about BB creams in the beauty community, but unfortunately, no company had released BB creams in Greece up untill now so I was more than happy to try Garnier's newest product!

A BB cream which stands for Blemish Balm cream, is said to be a 5-in-1 product that:
1. evens skintone and boosts glow
2. blurs imperfections
3. smoothes fine lines
4. offers 24h hydration
5. has an SPF UV of 15

Now, I've been using this for pretty much two weeks and I believe I can share my opinion with you on it.
It comes in two shades, light and medium. Personally, light is the perfect match to my skintone, as medium is far too dark and I reckon would be perfect for summer.

First of all, it is much thicker than a tinted moisturiser, offers more coverage and leaves an amazing healthy glow. It blends out quite effortless. I love using it during the day as it's a light coverage product which is what I seek most days.


It claims to cover blemishes, I can see that it evens out my skintone perfectly but in the blemish department, all I know is that I had to cover up the odd huge spot with some concealer after.

The thing that surprised me the most was that after I had taken it off in the evening, my skin felt extremely moisturised and smooth. So it does offer some good hydration there, cause bare in mind that I have very dry skin during winter. I wouldn't really say it's ideal for people with oily skin 'cause it could look greasy on them after a few hours, but I suppose they can use powder to set it.

As for smoothing fine lines, to be honest I can't really say anything about it as I have none.

All in all, having Vitamin C and mineral pigments, being light coverage but still evening out my skintone and giving an amazing glow, this is a pretty good product to have, which falls in, between a light coverage foundation and a tinted moisturiser category, if you're in a hurry and can't be bothered to do your make up base for more than 3 minutes. BB creams are the new trend which came from Asia and now has taken all over Europe and I'm looking forward for more brands to be releasing them in the future.

offers hydration
evens out skintone
healthy looking glow
spf 15
smells lovely (fruity scent)

Doesn't entirely cover up blemishes
could potentially look greasy on oily skins, if not set with powder


Garnier's BB cream is now exclusively available for a limited time, in all Hondos Center shops in Greece until the end of December and retails at 9.90 Euros.


*(PR samples sent by Garnier, this is not a sponsored post, it's my own opinion. My readers, their loyalty and trust come first.)

Have you girls tried this? Did you find my review useful? Comments are always appreciated (and answered)!!!



  1. I absolutely love this! I'll def go out and get back-ups of this stuff since it's so affordable, you know the price could be higher judging from the UK price tag (9.99 pounds!). My appetite for BB creams/tinted moisturisers has now grown and I want to try products from other brands as well! Love your review and I'm glad we both enjoy this BB cream! xx

  2. I got sent a tester of this from Boots. It was a dream to apply and I really like the results. Unfortunately for this time of year the light is too dark for me! and yes it did look greasy by the end of the night. Great review xoxo

  3. @cbsg5861 glad we have the same opinion on this! yeah it's wuite affordable and my cup of tea so i'll grab one first thing when i'm at HC!! :) xx

    @Natalie thank you darling! yeah you said it perfectly it was a dream to apply! glad you agree with me :) xx

  4. I used this while on my travels because I didn't want the hassle of a foundation. I really like it but definitely had to set it with powder because I don't like the shiny shiny look!

    Rosie x

  5. I love it too, it saves me so much time in the mornings!

  6. nice post k to proion einai pragmatika kalo! ;)


  7. @then she'll carelessly cut you that's great! i dont have to set it with powder as i've got dry skin and dont mind the shiny look :)))

    @NatalieDouka me too!it's more that half the time i used to do while doing my foundation!

    @FashionSugarBubbles I'm sure it'd look gorgeous on you :) xx

  8. Κουκλιτσα!!!Βραβειακι!!!

  9. Oooh, looks like an amazing new product! Will go hunting for this today!

    Olivia xx

  10. @Beautyincrisis thnx doll :) xx

    @My new favourite thing ooh i think you should get it it'd look gorgeous on your skin :) xxx

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    nice blog girl:)

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  12. Great review, I've been meaning to get this but I can't find it anywhere, you're so lucky you got it sent to you! BB Creams are just amazing in general, and I really want to see if the Garnier one can beat my current favourite. <3 :)

  13. @Sabrina T. thank you so much girl!! :) xx

    @Summer I'm having a gineaway soon in which i will be giving FIVE of these to 5 lucky ladies! watch out for that :) xx