Thursday, 21 February 2008

aww colour!!

Aww I LOVE this site!!!It's about people who basically have worn ONE colour in their entire life! I love the blue one, it's an Yves Klein blue(an artist who has invented this colour, and named it after his name).Ohh and the girl who dresses only in gray!Cute dont you think?I used to be like that when i was little.I was actually dressed in pink, everything was pink, even my shoes, and my bedroom!!Oh good times.Generally i think colour is a form of expressing freedom and inner thoughts.It can cheer you up or depress you(if it's black or dark purple...)
Ohh i'm really excited because im going to pain my room red and have animal print curtain and bed sheet(and a poster of Marilyn Monroe)quite a cool make-over isn't it?



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