Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Carousel, November '08

Photo Courtesy of Space Potato

I decided to do whatGalaDarling does every weekend, only that i will make one talking about my favourite pages on the net every month or so.
So here is my November '08 Carousel.

  • bocetos is definitely a site you should check out. It's run buy a photographer who takes takes a picture of pretty much everything(especially people) in their everyday lives in NYC.

  • I loveunderwater photography.

  • NOT SAFE FOR WORK!fuck a day is another site recommended by Gala.

  • Gloves are a winter essential. And I love those!

  • I 'j'adore'Stockholm Street Style Seriously, Swedish people have to be the most stylish people i've ever met!

  • Have i told you about my all-time fave people on earth/Idols? Well, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe have to be one of them.

  • CAUTION It may cause trauma. Now this video made me cry. Poor little puppy had an epileptic seizure! Don't you want to hug him?

  • Christmas has to be the best holiday ever!

  • boost your blogs' views.By Problogger.

  • Ok i was copletely hysterical over this, i don't know it really touched me. It's about a person you took a single polaroid photograph everyday through his life, until the day he died. Very emotional.
  • He took overall 6,000 pictures.
  • Top 5 ways to define your personal style

  • Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver

  • I heard Hitler had one ball but never got to think about it 'till i read this article.

  • I love fashion illustration. Favourite illustrators are Laura Laine(no1), Monica, Audrey Kawasaki, Donna Wilson

  • That's all. Have a good day!

    The next door girl,


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