Friday, 10 October 2008

Fashion Week s/s '09 prt2

Ok so this is the last post about fashion week. I am sorry it took me 3 or 4 days to just sit and post something but i'm currently ill and so busy that i can't even switch on the computer(well so to speak).


I literally loved the whole collection, there was no outfit i'd leave out. I loved the fabric, and the colours they were really romantic. Sweetness, you could almost taste it. I especially loved the hair, it's so 60's !

Louis Vuitton

Sexiness, Romanticism, boho! Ive always thought Marc Jacobs is a great designer and there was no time where i didn't like his designs, but this it exceeded my expectations. Absolutely love it!

I want these LV shoes!!!


chic and feminine. Love it, especially the neutral colours and this babydoll vide.

Charles Anastase

Not many people may know him, but charles anastase is definetely someones favourite especially when what they're looking for is something girly. And that's what he's always designed. Fresh, girly clothes!:)

Marc Jacobs

Ok i have talked about him above but, aren't THESE clothes to die for? I think it's so ladylike, and sophisticated, and that Mary Poppins hat, oh how i love that. Everything in this collection is like a fairytale.

No i may go and have some tea. My cough is killing me...


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