Saturday, 27 June 2009


Everything is free to do this as it's quite fun!!!:)
read the first text which explains a few situations and then choose from the list below:

  1. One night at a party you meet your dream guy. You fall in love, get married, and then in your hotel room on your wedding night, he sits down and says he has something to confess. What’s his dirty little secret? — 1) that he wears Christian Louboutins around the house (hey, at least he wears your size) OR 2) that he can’t sleep unless he sucks on someone’s toes before bed? YOU MUST CHOOSE!
  2. If you had to do one or the other for a month, would you rather wear the same dirty pair o’ drawers OR rock Christina Aguilera’s chaps/bikini outfit from the Dirrrty video? YOU MUST CHOOSE!
  3. Would you rather go a year without brushing or washing your hair OR clean a dirty toilet once with your tongue? YOU MUST CHOOSE!
  4. If you had to do one or the other for three straight months, would you rather have to apply your makeup with dirty brushes OR skip brushing your teeth? YOU MUST CHOOSE!
  5. Would you rather have to give your SO a dirty lap dance in front of your parents (wearing nothing but lingerie) OR spend five hours making out with Spencer Pratt (tongue and all)? YOU MUST CHOOSE!

now the list:

1. Louboutins OR toe sucking? toe sucking
2. Dirty drawers OR dirrrty outfit? dirrrty outfit
3. Skip brushing/washing your hair OR clean a toilet with your tongue? skip cleaning the toilete
4. Dirty makeup brushes OR skip brushing your teeth? dirty brushes
5. Dirty lap dance OR dirty Spencer Pratt? getting off with spencer

On another note, i haven't updated since i don't know a week? because i was on holidays in Chalkidiki Greece and i had a fantastic time. Pictures should be up tomorrow.

See you my lovelies!


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