Saturday, 12 September 2009

A "the day that school starts" haul.

Gosh, what a title!:P
So as you might be aware school has started here, and i have to say i'm really excited about that.
So after the first day at school, and after hanging out with my friends, i went to get Diors lip balm and to check Mac's latest collections.
So here's my haulage:)

This is what i think of the products. This is more of my initial thoughts rather than a review. I will do a full review on the lip balm though in a few days.:)

Dior Addict 'Lip Glow' Color Reviver Balm, MAC marble lipglass in Eclectic Edge
I have to say that I LOVE the lip balm. It is supposed to revive the natural colour of your lips. Now, i don't know if it does that, but it surely has the prettiest rosy colour on my lips. And it's quite moisturizing for my lips as well. And you know my lips, always dehydrated and chapped.
The marble lipglass was given to me using mac friends, and i was really excited to get this because when the colour craft collection came out, i only got the things that i really wanted and marble lipglasses weren't among the things that i wanted.
So was excited to try this out, as it has a beautiful, mauvey-plum with a dash of pink colour to it and looks great on my lips:)

MAC blush in Springsheen, MAC quad in Photo Realism(Make up art cosmetics collection)
I wanted to get this blush for literally AGES. It seemed to me that everybody got this and they said this was a great blush and stuff like that, so i wanted to have this in my collection. It's a really cute coral and perfect for everyday. I also find this very similar to Style blush but it's a bit more sheer and has more gold running through it. Which is something i really like. This is definitely going to be in my favourites considering Style is my all time favourite blush. :)
The quad, i haven't used yet but i was really pleased that i got green eyeshadows because i barely have any.
The make up lady had this quad on her eyes and looked gorgeous, and i though that's a really pretty smokey eye. So i got it.

So this is my haul. I hope you enjoyed it. And i can honestly say that this is the kind of haul that i really really like because, it consists of things that i really need or like.

So have a great weekend and i'll talk to you soon!!!



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