Monday, 7 September 2009

Weight Loss

Hello guys!!!
I was inspired and encouraged but the lovely Kelly, otherwise known as Kelanjo19(youtube & blog) to start talking about my weight and weight loss.

So when i was younger i was never the supper skinny type of girl but i was quite thin. A factor could be swimming, i used to go swimming for 12 years. But then i gave up which is another story. So after i quit swimming i started gaining weight.
I started gaining so much that at some point i weighed 16.37 stone otherwise 104 kg.
I knew i had to do something. So i took the decision and went to my dietitian's.
This happened in April. After a few months of having a good diet i now weigh 13.22 stone otherwise 84 kg.I am quite pleased with that actually. But i know i have at least 3 months in front of me to keep losing weight and achieve my goal. That is to weigh 9.22 stone(60 kg)
The ideal for my height would be 8.97 stone(57 kg)
So i decided that i will inform you every week, as to how am in doing.

I tell you i'm really excited about it.



  1. Congratulations so far! Keep up the good work =]

    I just found your blog and was reading through it for a little while and I really like it =]

  2. @ Anita
    thank you so much! that's really sweet of you to say!