Tuesday, 6 July 2010

1 Euro bargain from Sephora? Check!

Of course, when i saw this, i couldn't resist not getting not one, but TWO of these surprise boxes!:)

Each one, consists of 4 self-tanning wipes, a golden spray for the legs and a sparkling gell for face and body.

A mini review here: The self tanning wipes are good but if you are not careful they can turn your face a bit orange, the leg spray is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It gives such a nice glow and makes your lega look a bit more tanned and last but not least, the gel is something that i wouldn't use on my face as it's too glittery but on the top of my shoulders it look lovely! There you go!!!:)

I recommend this to everyone who wants to feel a bit more bronzed up and it's also really nice to take with you on holiday as they're travel size :)

Hope you guys are doing ok!



  1. Looks interesting enough - thankfully I stocked up on MAC beach body oil for that bronzey glow, otherwise this sounds like a nice and very very affordable alternative!!


  2. @tina_mbc to be honest i tried the mac body oil and it's not something i would purchase cause it's a bit glittery and i don't like glitter on my body.on the contrary this spray is not greasy and has got shimmer alsmost like a glow if you like. but comparing these two, i'd probably go for the mac body oil.:D xx

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