Monday, 5 July 2010

What's your beauty style? TAG!

I was tagged by the ever gorgeous Tina to do this tag, and of course i wouldn't miss doing that, would i?

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy, etc.)
It's a bit difficult to describe, but i would say i go for neutral looks most of the time, and suring summer there might me an occasional pop of colour. On the lips that is. Of course liking neutral colours wouldn't stop me from doing smokey looks and stuff. All in all i like my make up to be elegant, classy, timeless, barely there make up that keeps up with my ideology, that make up is to enhance your feautures not to hide them :)

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
I suppose i'm inspired by my favourite celebrities or even objects on every day life. Weird i know:s. Colours inspire me to the full. Also magazine editorial, fashion shows and of course people on my everyday life.

3. What beauty products do you have the most of?
This has to be blush and lipsticks! Blush is my no1 product to go. I think every woman needs to have a 'perfect' blush. It's the product that i spend most of my money on. I like to change colours, from warmer to cooler ones. I also like to mix them up. As far as lipsticks go, i want to have a plethora of options to choose from, from nudes to brights.

4. What's you favourite/holy grail colour for:
Eyes: Neutrals, duh!! It's safe i know but most of the time, i like wearing neutrals and from time to time some darker colour would be good as well as peachy coraly ones. I wouldn't be caught dead in bright, elecric blue or fuchsia though :P

Lips: I sort of like colours like modesty or freckletome by mac. Colours that you would describe them as 'your lips but only better". Neutral colours but not nudes.They may suit other people but they look ridiculous on me. I also really like wearing peachy/corally colours. I wouldn't mind wearing from a pale coral to a bright one:)
Cheeks: This one i wish i didn't have to choose cause i have no problem wearing any colour on my lips. From pinks bright pink to peaches to corals to beiges to golden browns. But i suppose if i had to choose based on the frequency that i use them, i would say corals.

Nails: Again, no problem with nail polish. But most of the time you'll catch me wearing a classic red or weird colours like gray, violet, khaki, blueish black.

5. Three favourite brands of the moment:
1. MAC, because i like the huge range of colours they have in eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes. Their brushes are excellent and their skincare range is quite good as well. Their quality is good as well and for a high end brand, it's quite affordable.

2. Maybelline, because it HAS to be the best drugstore brand for me! I like their lipstick, their incredible mascaras, good quality foundation and their nice range of blushes.
3. Chanel, because i love their quality, the elegance that their products have from the packaging to the colour pallette itsef.

So, I am tagging:


Talk to you soon lovelies!



  1. Very happy that you did this sweetie, lovely read!
    You have a great, classic but fresh and modern approach to makeup, I love it! :)
    Now, we just need more FOTD's with those bright lips... hehe! :D


  2. @tina_mbc thanks honey that's very flattering:)
    as far as the FOTD's with bright lipstick are concerned, will sure do!:) xx