Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bioten Cellufight Range Review

Hello ladies! Hope you're doing alright!
Now that I've hit the beach and aquired myself a lovely(natural and WITHOUT to burn) tan I'm in full blog mode and thought it was about time that I talked about Bioten's Cellufight* range products!

I've been using them for a few months now and can fully review them especially now that I can notice some kind of difference to the appearance of my skin!
The Cellufight range comes in a Massage Cream, a Drainage Gel, an exfoliating shower cream and an anti-cellulight massage oil. The lovely people sent me everything except for the massage oil but I couldn't complain whatsoever!
Me being a girl who likes her curves, I am suffering from a bit of cellulight on my thighs so I had to make my preparations before I showed myself to the beach!

Before I move on to the actual products review, let me remind you that NO product, pharmaceautical or not, cream, oil nor pill will make your cellulight disappear! Cellulight is pure genetics and you can only reduce, I repeat reduce it, but having a healthy diet and work out regime. Nevertheless, you can fool people and make the appearance of it look less intense.

Massage Cream
This is my favourite product to use during the colder months. First things first, this stuff is so, incredibly moisturising! My extremely dry skin (seriously, how many times am I going to say this?) totally loves it! Its texture is quite rich and thick and takes some time to absorb into the skin. It contains Guarava, Marine Algae and Black Pepper and this wonderful mix of anti-cellulight ingredients will reduce the orange peel aspect, increase the firmness of the skin and stimulate the micro-circulation. Also, the Black Pepper in it will make your skin feel warm and red, but don't panic! It's only a sign that it's working!Retails at €8,95.

Drainage Gel
This light, pink gel is ideal for summer. It absorbs fairly quick. But this for me has to to be the most painful product to use out of the three. It contains the same ingredients as the massage cream but somehow this is stronger on my skin, making it super red and itchy! Of course, after some time of using it my skin has come to terms with it and does not feel so itchy like it did before. The gel helps reduce the water excess and allows to eliminate the toxins, in the same time visibly reducing the cellulite.Retails at €8,95.

Exfoliating shower cream
My favourite product out of the three! This baby contains Guarava, crushed olive stones and Vitamin E and will exfoliate your skin like nothing else! It makes your skin silky smooth and I'm glad the beads in it are chunky because they completely remove the dead skin cells of my body making it brighter and smoother. The Guarava in it also helps improve the micro-circulation. I'm almost running out of this and I'm definitely repurchasing! If you want to try anything from this range and don't know where to start, GET THIS!Retails at €6,95.

I couldn't find a better way to describe it but all of the products smell like you're being treated in a spa. This is probably because of the marine algae and the black pepper in them but after I've used them I feel like I've given myself a real treat!!!
ALSO, all three of the products contain no parabens. Thumbs up!


Massage Cream Rating: A-
Drainage Gel Rating: B
Exfoliating Shower Cream rating: A+

All in all, if you use these products religiously, you will most likely see a big improvement in the apperance of your skin. I absolutely LOVE using them, especially now that it's summer and I go to the beach and they surely boost my confidence! The order in which I use them is, in the morning I apply the drainage gel, before I go to bed I use the massage cream and every 2 days I use the exfoliating shower cream! And it works!

I'm becoming boring but for the last time, these products(nor any other products) will NOT make the cellulight disappear! They will reduce the appearance of it!

***Bioten(surprised me and) sent me these products. I am not being paid or sponsored to make this post. The lovely people didn't even ask for a review. I just thought they are such nice products that you guys would love to read about. My readers' loyalty comes first!***

Have any of you tried these products? Do you like them or not? Let me know!


  1. ειναι παρα πολυ καλη σειρα κ σε πολυ προσιτες για το ειδος τιμες
    το τζελ το θεωρω το καλυτερο απο ολη τη σειρα μπορει να σε καψει αν βαλεις πολυ αλλα κανει δουλεια ειμαι πολυ ευχαριστημενη!

  2. Oooh, these seem like amazing products! I have problems with cellulite too, and I've been really hesitant about going to the beach because of them :/ x

  3. @caramellitsa xairomai poy aresei kai se sena :) xx

    @Summer me too girl! these are indeed a bunch of relly nice products! xx

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