Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fresh Line Body Soap in Melon Mint

Hello guys! Hope you're spending your summer holidays having fun!
Today's blog post is about one of my favourite body products to use during summer and that is the Melon Mint Soap by Fresh Line.

I first visited Fresh Line about a couple of years ago, while being on an impulse shopping trip with my friends and I decided to try some of their products including their hydrotherapy balls(which I plan on talking about in another post), lotions and this soap.

Now, I am not a fan of solid body soaps. I prefer shower gels or creams. I always feel like they dry out my skin. But I couldn't resist this one, its scent was overwhelming(in a good way).

This is my fourth big slice of it as of yet(I take it into slices) and cannot say how much I'm in love with it! I take it and then slice it even more (about 4-5 slices) and this lasts me for a whole of 3 months. I've been using it religiously this summer. It's scent is pure melon. There's no other way to describe it. It's like you squeezed melon juice and then solidified it into this soap. It's very refreshing, calming and cleanses quite well. The chunks I take are not that expensive either. (about 3-5 Euro)

If you have a Fresh Line store near you, you should definitely give this a try. I get mine from the Fresh Line stand alone store near where I live but you can also find Freshline counters in Public or in the Cosmos Mall( in Thessaloniki).

I'm very happy that I've ventured into this whole Fresh Line experience because their products are organic, smell amazing and are quite reasonably priced. Add the fact that we don't have Lush in Greece(YET!), which is pretty much similar in terms of philosophy minus the extremely cute appearance of their products, with Fresh Line and that it's a Greek brand and I'm good to go!
Seriously give this a try, it's worth it!
Have you tried this or any other Fresh Line products? What is your favourite?



  1. I've smelled it but I generally don't like melon scents and this one is pure melon, just like you said. So I'll pass but I agree that the Fresh Line products smell divine and are good quality!

  2. i definitely prefer body wash over soap but this sounds divine! and i loooove melon scents so this should be good.

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  3. ειχα παρει περυσι !! ειναι τοσο καλοκαιρινο ελαφρυ μαρεσε τοσο πολυυ!! κ αλλα αγαπημενα μου ειναι με καρυδα κ σταφυλι!


  4. @NatalieDouka It's nice to know we're on the same boat! :) xx

    @Carrie oh yeah hunnie this is gooood :) xx

    @caramellitsa nai kai emena mou aresoun poli ayta poy aneferes!!! xxx