Saturday, 23 March 2013

MAC lipstick in Impassioned

The sun is out much more often these days, which makes me want to incorporate brighter colours to my make up! Corals, peaches, hot pinks and fuschias are on the highway!!! This time, I'm going to talk about one of the most gorgeous and unusual colours that I own: MAC's Impassioned lipstick!

 photo P3030773Customedited_zpse2215148.jpg

Impassioned is a very intense, ultra-pigmented, in-your-face, watermelon pink, with a fuchsia undertone. I cannot describe it quite well. It is not a true pink, and most definitelt not a true red. It is an in-between colour. It is neither warm nor cool-toned, so I believe all skintones can suit this. It goes really well with my super pale skin, but looks equally as beautiful on tanned skin.
It has an amplified finish, which I like even more than cremesheens! Vegas Volt is an amplified too, but I find Impassioned to be a bit more moisturising to my lips. Its staying power is truly amazing. Of course, if you're out for drinks and stuff it is eventually going to fade, but it will leave your lips with a lovely just-bitten/rasberry colour!

 photo macedited_zps444277a4.jpg

I would really recommend you to go and check this out, even though I think that it stands out on its own at MAC counters. It is simply beautiful worn either in winter or summer!!

Have you girls got this? Do you like it?



  1. This is an amazing colour! Been looking for a bright lipstick for summer and this may be it

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  2. wow...luvly lip swatch:) m ur newest follower...

    need to check this out...:)I don't even own a single MAC lippie..need to check this out...
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  3. Oh my god that is the most gorgeous color!

    1. it is one of my favourites! definitely go check it out :D x x

  4. perfectttt!

  5. I have it too but on me is a bit lighter!I wish it was on me as strawberry-colored as it does on you!

    1. i think it has to do with the lips' pigmentation! it comes off differently when my friends wear it too!! x x

  6. I am SUCH a big fan of MAC's lipsticks and the brighter the better :-) I love bright lipstick all year round and this red is definitely your color! gorgeous!


  7. Wow this is a gorgeous colour! Mac do the loveliest shades. Definitely added to my wish list :) I hope it looks as good on me cx