Saturday, 22 June 2013

Summer favourites!

Hello beautiful people!

It feels so invigorating to be back! This time, yesterday being the summer solstice, I thought it'd be the pefect time to talk about my current favourite products for summer! There's lots of skincare this time, but I truly rely on these, to maintain the moisture in to my skin and feel glowy and healthy during this BOILING weather!

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1.Garnier bodycocoon body milk
This is an old love. I used to use this when I was younger, and I absolutely LOVED it! You can imagine my excitement when I spotted it at my local HC for the price of 3E! It was an absolute bargain! It smells amazing, the typical, "vintage" Garnier fruity scent! As far as moisturising goes, it does a wonderful job at keeping my skin hydrated, while it doesn't feel greasy, is quite light and absorbs fairly quickly!

2.Bioten Silky Radiance body lotion with cocoa butter and Macadamia oil*
First things first. This smells AMAZEBALLS. Chocolate mixed with caramel and mocha. I am literally holding myself from eating it! It is aimed at normal to dry skin. It moisturises so well, and the scent stays on for hours and hours! I literally apply this in the morning, and when I get back from work I can still smell it! The thing about it that I love the most is that, whilst being a lotion, it still has got a thick consistency that hydrates the skin really well. I use this when I feel like I've got particularly dehydrated skin, but it's summer so I can't really use a body butter, as it's going to melt in an instant! I am really liking this baby! Please if you get a chance, just give this a SNIFF and you'll be hooked for months and months to come! :D

3.MAC Mineralize blush in Rhapsody in Two (LE)
I think I've talked about this before. I got in a few years ago from a collection I can't remember the name of. It was love at first time! It's so shimmery and pretty I can't take it. If you don't like shimmer in your make you you should probably stay away from this. Its got gold and pink shimmers in it. The pigmentation is not great, I wouldn't use this as a blush in its own, but rather as a finishing touch as it gived the most gorgeous glow you have ever seen!

4.NYX blush in Natural
This is such a pretty basic matte pink! I usually wear this during days where I wake up really early and can't be arsed to apply much make up! The texture of this is extraordinary! So smooth and it blends out perfectly! I am actually ready to go and buy a bunch of other NYX blushes to see if they are the same! It is quite affordable to which makes it even better!

5.The Body Shop Coconut shimmering body lotion
I also have the butter version of this, but like I said before, body butters during summer are a no-no for me. This on the other hand, is extremely moisturising, very light and has that awesome coconut scent that we all have grown to love! It is my second bottle of this and it always reminds me of summer, 'cause thats when I mostly use it.

6.Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera
I've had this for a long time and there's still so much product to use. It's a gorgeous pastel coraly pink! It stays on for hours and gives and incredible glow. Too bad I can't purchase stila here anymore, but I guess I will find more if these babies online! You can also use this on your lips, but mine are a bit too dry and this doesn't suit me as much! Nevertheless, it's texture is amazing and a little bit goes a long way. Such a gem in my collection!

7.Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect sunscreen spf30
I got this for the first time last year and I loved it so much I got it again! It smells like cococunt and doesn't let me burn. Can you imagine that? It is not greasy at all, absorbs instantly and has shimmer! What more can I ask? I am thinking there might be an Ambre Solaire for the face as well and I am definitely getting it! See my full review on this here.

8.Oriflame wonderlash dramatize mascara
I have been really liking this mascara for the past few weeks that I've been using it! It really elongates your lashes while making them look fuller and SO black! One of the best mascaras that I've used recently, plus it's quite affordable too! I can wear it during the day on the top lashes only or if I want a more dramatic look, top and bottom and we're good to go!

9.Vichy Dermablend Concealer
I am in love with this. I use it every single day, even when I'm not in the mood to apply make up and just want to conceal my dark circles or a blemish. It is not cakey and just the right colour for me to highlight any dark areas, while it still is quite concealing! It is truly one of the best purchases I made during 2013!

10.Maybelline Diamond Effect Palette in Coral Drama*
This is probably my favourite Diamond Glow eyeshadow pallete out of the four. It does have pretty gold and corally colours which makes it perfect for summer. It's even got a darker plum colour to darken the crease or to extentuate the lash line!

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11.Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm
This is my third tube of this. At 24E for a lip balm, it doesn't come cheap but it does wonders! It is supposed to adapt to your natural lip colour , so you have something unique according to your lips' pigmentation. The balsam in it protects and hydrates your lips like no other!

12.Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Brown
This mousse is something I;ve never experienced before. I first I was confused as to how to use it, cause when you apply it, it instantly tranformes into powder. You have to be really quick about it. Thi particular colour I really like to make me look tanner while still providing some pop of colour with the orange in it. I am interested in trying a few more of these.

13.Noxema Derma Clinic deodorant
I know, it is quite odd to put a deodorant in a favourites post but seriously, this is incredible! It smells like apricots and stays on for HOURS. One negative tough is that it leaves white marks if you're not careful. I have to shake it really well and apply it from a distance. If I could have this for a perfume I would definitely buy it!

14.MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Heat Element
I rediscovered my love for this. One half is gold the other bronze. It is such a great combination, especially for summer. The great thing about MAC's mineralize eyeshadows is that you can apply them with a wet brush to have a more intense effect or to apply like like an eyeliner! I am not sure if this is still available, so I use it with caution, 'cause I don't want to run out!

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15.Balea body scrub with Indian Chai
This is an incredible body scrub my best friend got me from Germany and I've heard that Balea is quite famour there! I'm not saying much, 'cause I'll post a full review of this shortly, but just one thing: It smells like a DREAM!

16.Avon blemish clearing facial scrub
This is the one facial scrub that works best with my skin. It feels so invogorating and freshens up my skin perfectly. Now with all the heat and stuff it is truly a saviour! Read more about it here.

17.Garnier Beauty Oil*
I am not really into body oils during summer for the simple fact that they leave residue behind. This is different though. It absorbs fairly quickly, is not greasy and smells like paradise. I even apply this sometime on the ends of my hair just to make them smell(even more) beautiful! Review about this is on its way!

18.Pom Pom make up removal wipes
I don't usually prefer wipes but things have been very hectic recently and I had to remove my make up wuickly before I headed to sleep. I have a thing with wipes. Most of them seem very harsh on my skin and they irritate it like hell! These are very soft and wet and they effectively remove make up, even the most stubborn traces of mascara! TRUE LOVE, my dear!

19.Narsya body butter with Orchid & Cotton
Ok, I know I said before that I don't like using body butters during summer but this is an exception! It has got a very light consistency and absorbs instantly! I got it when I was on holiday in Bansko, it was cheap as chips and I feel amazed at how good this is! It smells incredible! I wish I could somehow back this up! I mostly use it when I get out of the shower! It is also great for when I shave as it doesn't irritate my skin at all!

This was quite a long post guys, but there were so many things that I wanted to talk about with you! Have you tried any of these? If so, do you like them? Let me know!
Now it's better to go and cool away by a pool or beach, right! Hope you're well!



  1. πολυ ωραιο το ποστ σου αλλα να σε ρωτησω κατι...γιατι τα γραφεις αγγλικα ???

    1. Εγραφα στα αγγλικα απο τοτε που ξεκίνησα το μπλογκ και δεν υπηρχε καμια Ελληνιδα beauty blogger. Με την παροδο του χρονου απεκτησα και αλλο κοινο, αλλα δεν μπορουσα απλα να αφηφισω αυτο που ειχα ηδη. Σε καποια στιγμη στο μελλον μπορει να αρχισω να γραφω και στις δυο γλωσσες για οσες Ελληνιδες αναγνωστριες δεν καταλαβαινουν αγγλικα, αλλα ειμαι ικανοποιημενη προς το παρον :) xx

  2. Πολύ ωραία όλα! Το bodycocoon ήταν και δικό μου αγαπημένο body milk κάποτε, αν το βρω σίγουρα θα το ξαναπάρω!

    1. Αχ παρτοοοο! Με το που το μυρισα με πλημμυρισαν αναμνησεις!! Και ειναι και αρκετα καλο οσον αφορα στην ενυδατωση αν λαβεις υποψιν οτι εχω ξηρο δερμα :) x x

  3. Αν κ έχω κιλά απο body lotions κ body butters ψηθηκα πολύ τώρα για τη lotion της Βioten! Η αλήθεια είναι πως αυτή με το πορτοκαλί καπάκι, citrus/mandarin scented one, δε με ενθουσίασε, αλλά όταν πρόκειται για mocha, είμαι πάντα διατεθειμένη να πειραματιστω! Great favorites darling!

    1. Και εμενα αυτη με το μανταρινι με αφησε αδιαφορη γιατι πρωτα απ'ολα δεν μυριζε κανονικο μανταρινι (βλ.Bodyshop <3) αλλα κατι τεχνητο. Κοιτα, δεν σου ΦΩΝΑΖΩ να το αγορασεις, απλως πηγαινε και μυρισε το! Μοκα καραμελα, σοκολατα οπως θες πες το ειναι καταπληκτικο! Μυριζει ολη μερα και για οσο μυριζει τοσο κραταει και η ενυδατωσει που παρεχει! Ηδη σχεδιαζω να παρω το δευτερο ^_^ x x

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