Monday, 21 November 2011

My early Christmas Wishlist

Hello beautiful girlies!

Today I am doing a post showing you all my Christmas wishlist! I know it's a bit early, but on the other hand, it's never too early for the Christmas cheer, is it?
The shops are slowly starting to wear their Christmas attire and it's so beautiful walking down the streets along with twinkling lights and beautiful Christmassy decorations! I always get very cheery(and may I add, silly) at Christmas!
This blogpost was inspired by the ever-so-lovely Evi from CBSG5861.

1.MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation


I've been laying my eyes on this foundation for quite a few months and it's definitely something that I really, like desperately(how sad), need for Christmas. It's medium to full coverage and it is said to leave a dewy finish on the skin.

2.Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter

I can't stress how much I want to try this product, everywhere I read reviews with positive feedback. The price puts me off, but I guess it's worth it and will last me quite some time!

3.Soleil Tan de Chanel

I don't do bronzer during winter, even though I like using bronzes and golds on my eyes and stuff, but I usually get quite pale, which I like and am trying to embrace. Nevertheless, I think I'm making an exception this winter ;)

4.MAC blush in Margin

There is no logical reason why I haven't got this yet. It's a neutral, pinky peach shimmering blush, great for everyday use. I guess I always thought to 'buy this later' as I have far too many everyday blushes and looked for more vibrant colours, but this, I'm definitely getting this winter!

5.Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

Lancome do the best High End mascaras in my opinion. They really do. They don't come cheap, retailing at 30E but when I got my first Lancome Hypnose mascara when I was 16, I was astonished with the results! I need a new High End mascara at the moment and what's a better option than the one that took all the hype by beauty editors this winter?

6.MAC lipstick in Shygirl

I went to get this one a year ago but it was out of stock so the make up lady recommended Ravishing as a closer match so I got that. I, frankly, forgot about it but Viviana from Vivianadoesmakeup raves about it all the time, so I'm looking forward to adding this in my make up collection :)

7.Estee Lauder Daywear moisturiser

I've had this before, It's one of my favourite moisturisers. A bit expensive but does the job brilliantly.

8.Essie Winter 2011 collection

I'm really liking the colour palette of this collection, Cocktail Bling, School of Hard Rocks and Size Matters are my favourite colours!

9.Alien by Thierry Muggler perfume


My favourite ever perfume, haven't smelled anything more addicting than that. I've ran out of this a few months ago and haven't repurchased ever since 'cause the Thierry Muggler perfumes are quite expensive. Wishing someone is 'amazing' enough to get this for me at Christmas!

10.Eternity by Calvin Klein

My mom used to wear this all the time when I was little, now she switched perfumes but I'm always euphoric when I detect someone wearing this perfume. The perfect floral scent. It's quite affordable, for its size, 50E for a 100ml bottle. So Christmas perfume: check!

11.Jeffrey Cambell Lita Shoes

These will always be on my wishlist, they are pricey at about 300-something E and are always out of stock on the website!

12.Zara bags: The Plaited Shopper bag in Brown and the Large Shopper in Black


I'm doing my research on getting a really good handbag this winter. Zara do some really good quality bags and I've had my eyes on these for quite some time. I'm definitely getting ONE of them this winter.

13.Yankee Candles (Christnas Eve)

I get crazy over scented candles. I really do! Yankee candles are by far my favourites and I always take a sniff of them when I'm at Public. I am going as far as purchasing a large jar this December in Christmas Eve. Don't like the price (about 20E or something), but they last quite a long time.

***pictures are not my own, they were taken from Google Images

So this was my 'long' wishlist for this Christmas. Go and check out Evi's wishlist as well, it's lovely!

What about your Christmas wishlist? Do you have any products that are listed in my wishlist too? Let me know girls!!!


  1. You're so lovely and I absolutely love your wishlist! I so need in my life more than half of what you depict here! Where should I start- a nice leather bag, Shy Girl lipstick, Yankee Candles, etc etc.

    By the way girlie, if you really want to get Bronze universel by Chanel, hurry up because it's rumoured it will be discontinued, something like that...

    xx xx

  2. Some really nice stuff on your wishlist !! I love the Yankee Candles !! <3 xo

  3. Litas are not 300 something! they cost 115 euros on! ;) They are on my wishlist as well, for sooooooooooooooooo long! :P

  4. @cbsg5861 ahaha it's nice we have the same taste hun! also, THANK YOU for telling me about the discontinuation of the bronzer, i may go purchase it as soon as I can! :) xx

    @glittermeup thanks gorgeous i love them too :) xx

    @Rafaella thanks for telling me that girl, i'm so grateful :) xx

  5. to soleil to 8elw apelpismena!


  6. i love your blog. I have followed. Also i love the essie nail varnishes but i dont know where to get you know
    please follow back aswell :)

  7. @DanielleJadee i get mu essie nail polishes from my local nail salon you should find one too :) xx