Friday, 8 June 2012


Hello everyone!
I hope you're all doing alright! Due to personal problems and my finals which are beginning next week, blogging wasn't my top priority and I want to apologize for that!

So, rearranging my stash, I actually discovered some pretty amazing products which I seem to have forgotten over the past year. I couldn't help myself but post about this MAC pigment for you guys, just to express how much I'm currently in LOVE with it!


Melon pigment is described as a soft bright golden peach on MAC's website and I think that is the perfect description for it. When it hits the light it reflects into this gorgeous gold and then it contrasts into a lovely warm peach!
Depending on your skintone, I find that this may appear a bit different on your skin. Skins with pink undertones may bring out the peachy-ness, while skins with yellow undertones are more likely to bring out the golden side of it. Also, depending on how dark or fair your skintone is, it may alternate the appearance. In fairer skintones, it may look more peachy-orangey. I have NW20 skin and it applies true to its colour on the lid! On darker skintones the peachy tones may fade a little bit more. I have also noticed, that this has some detectable chunks of shimmer, compared to other MAC pigments, say Vanilla or Teal, but it doesn't look tacky, so I don't mind whatsoever.
Overall, I love using this on its own as a wash of colour, over other eyeshadows, as a base, heck when I'm tanned, even as a highlighter. It sure is a beautiful colour, and now that summer is here, I would highly recommend you girls to at least go to your nearest MAC store and check this out. It's well worth the try!

What do you think of the pigment? Have any of you tried it? I would love to know :)



  1. It's a lovely colour, one of my fav MAC's colours!

  2. Oh I think my sister has Melon pigment- I agree with you, it gorgeous on all skintones! Lovely post, darling ;)

  3. υπεροχη αποχρωση νομιζω ειναι απο τα must have απο M.A.C


  4. The only negative thing about MAC pigments is that (after you find out a way to use them properly) you end up wanting all of them and that it'll cost you to get them all. I love how this one looks on your skin! I think I'll go and take a look.
    Thanks for sharing my dear!

  5. @ NatalieDouka - Glad you like it girl ;) xx
    @ Evi - Thank you gorgeous!! Glad you like it too :) xx
    @ caramelitsa nai nai nai nai einai :) xx

    @Ria ahahahaha i strongly agree with you darling! yes go take a look asap ;) xx

  6. Beautiful...a definite 'me' colour!x